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DRAFT: Elm Camp June 2023 Session Overview

2023-07-08 (Last updated on 2023-07-31)

This is a copy of a post on elm discourse.

About elm-camp 2023

From 28th until 30th June, there was a global Elm unconference 25 in Denmark (announcement post)

[It was] an event geared towards reconnecting in-person and collaborating on the current and future community landscape of the Elm ecosystem that surrounds the Elm core language. (excerpt from

I am not affiliated with the nice organizers of Elm camp who made it possible, nor am I a particularly active member of the community.
I just wanted to not forget about all the cool things I have heard or seen.


There were about 40 people in Dallund Castle in total and Evan was attending Elm camp as a normal participant. I have met him only this one time and this is what I remember and want to share:

  1. Evan is working on Elm full-time and is funded entirely out of his own savings since leaving noredink.
  2. He mentioned the upcoming and his continued work on Elm on The Backend.
  3. And he wants to share details about his work and explorations himself when he is ready.
My personal opinion (feel free to ignore)

So far Evan has always produced high quality content and I think he wants to avoid creating too-high expectations by sharing too much, too early. So I will be patient until he thinks his new stuff is good enough to be shared and will keep enjoying what already exists and what the community is building.


All sessions were either 15 or 30 minutes long and followed the unconference-format guidelines. So most focused on direct discussions, and no one was recording or keeping minutes.
This means that the key takeaways from sessions might vary from person to person, and I would like to update this overview to reflect more opinions.

Next 5 years for Elm

Outlook as described on Elm on The Backend, and gathering ideas in small groups how to grow the impact of Elm or its community.

Elm in Business

How do companies use Elm? How do multiple teams work together? General sharing of experiences.

Further improving error messages with LLM

Worst Elm code possible (live-coding session)

If bad Elm is still better than good JavaScript, what are characteristics of the worst Elm code possible?

Lamdera debug

A proof-of-concept debugger for understanding what is happening on the backend when working on a Lamdera app locally.
It is possible to connect to any Lamdera project.

Reflecting on the last few years (non-programming-topic)

Or: “How many people moved to a farm?”

Write an elm-review rule together

Live coding following GitHub - jfmengels/elm-review: Analyzes Elm projects, to help find mistakes before your users find them. with a running commentary.

Games with Elm


Ideas for a new kind of IDE
Code is at GitHub - mdgriffith/elm-dev and a live demo was presented at strangeloop 2022

Lamdera in business

More about Using Lamdera professionally

3D objects in Elm

Using GitHub - kraklin/elm-csg: CSG implementation for Elm

Elm for beautiful art and music

For instance a visual art piece

Options for dealing with github user renaming

And discussion about the Elm package ecosystem

Live-code an elm-land app

Building a twitter clone with

Debugger needs and wants

Ideas for visualizing program flow.


An in-progress interpreter for Elm code, written in Elm: GitHub - miniBill/elm-interpreter
Discussions happen in the elm-interpreter channel on “Incremental Elm” Discord

TEA with LLM/AI (actor pattern)

Future Elm IDE plugins

More on Elm Camp session about editors and IDE plugins

JS mutation observer

elm-book v2

The next version of elm-book, a tool that makes it easy to create rich documents that showcase documentation, UI components, design tokens, and more.


State/intent of the janitor project and how to apply patches (from PRs on Elm’s core packages). Talk about it in a channel on “Incremental Elm” Discord.

Browser GUI for elm --init

Ideas for scaffolding a new Elm workspace

New and exciting things in programming (outside of the Elm bubble)

UI with WebGL (instead of Html)

Showcase of an UI framework for the game. It uses WebGL and no html (hence the title) and is partly inspired by elm-ui.


Ideas for IDEs 😉
Intellij, Language Server, elm-dev…

Getting an Elm certification

What makes a “good” Elm programmer? Certifications might be a way to fund further Elm development.

Generative art with Elm


continuation from day before

Funding Elm

Similar to Costs/Funding in Open-Source Languages with more recent data.

The store pattern

Another look at the pattern described on 🎙 Elm Radio Episode 58: Elm Store Pattern.

Let's play games

3D objects in Elm

Similar to day before because not everyone could attend


Early wip version of an interactive code notebook for teaching, learning and experimentation. Similar to jupyter, but using elm-interpreter to evaluate Elm code.
Was already announced on slack, where jxxcarlson is also available for questions.

Internationalizing the Elm compiler error messages

It might be easier for beginners if the error messages were translated to their native language.
Also thoughts about translating the keywords, so a user might program without prior knowledge of English.

Elm + PostgREST

Generating an Elm back-office admin interface from PostgREST schema definitions. Inspired by ActiveAdmin.


Showcasing different approaches and packages

3D vehicle simulation

The making of elm-camp

On finding a venue, nailing down a concept, finding sponsors and the organizers' thought process.

I try to favor publicly available links, but there are also a few links to channels on the “Incremental Elm” discord server. To join it, go to Incremental Elm Community Chat.