marc walter

TonUINO NFC Tools Android App

2019-05-16 (Last updated on 2019-11-06)

I wrote an Android app for the FOSS TonUINO DIY music box. The box uses NFC tags to play different music files (or in my case audio books) while being usable by small children.
With it one can easily read the contents of the NFC tags that TonUINO uses and change the values as needed or copy them.

It needs an Android device with enabled NFC (and support for NXP MIFARE Classic or MIFARE Ultralight (since v0.6)) and then the necessary data may be written by pressing one button.

I released the code on Github and the app on Google Play and F-Droid.

Releases are built on CircleCI and released on Google Play using fastlane, while the version on fdroid is built without further interactions by me.

The TonUINO box in action:

A few pictures of the app:
normal view normal view